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East Cape Bike Run (Pt II of III) – 2007

>Here is the second instalment of photos and comments from a ride a few years ago with a couple of mates.On this section we rode through the Waioeka Gorge on the way to Gisborne – this is listed as one of the best rides to do in NZ, and I have done it four times now (twice with Rob, once on the way to Cold Duck and once alone) and love it. While it doesn’t have the ‘speed’ of say SH16 or Lake Hawea, it’s twists and turns are great riding, and sits alongside Mt Aspiring National Park as my top rides.

Above: the boys arrive in Gisborne on the East Coast. We popped into the Council’s Information Centre for some ideas on what and where we should go and how long to get to Hick’s Bay (3hrs-ish) and they recommended to stop at the pier in Tologa Bay…but they hinted that we should not let our bikes out of our view as they would be ‘gone’ within minutes! Nice piece of advice to sell your region! We experienced a little bit of rain out of Gisborne, but north of Tologa Bay it was beautiful.
 Above left: Tologa Bay Pier looking back from the end – we rode the bikes out to the end after the advice given in Gisborne. the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s quite bloody long!
Above right: bikes parked at the end of the pier – Steve checks out someone looking suspicious.
 Above: more piccies of the bikes on Tologa Bay pier. At 660m in length, it is NZ’s longest pier. Construction was started in 1926 and took about three years to complete. It now is at risk of being surrendered to the ocean and I believe there is a group looking to save it.

The boys looking pretty happy that their bikes weren’t stolen.


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