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Cricket Stats…

Shane Warne I may not be…except for the TXT, smoking, drinking, and general larrikin-ing about.

But here are some stats I found on my cricket career covering my time with the Avondale Cricket Club, The Mighty Centurians, and more recently, Swannanoa Cricket Club. I think there was too much cricket in my drinking!

Avondale Cricket incl. Mighty Centurions – Scroll down to Club Statistics/AllTime/List Of Players, and finally select Ozzy (I kept telling them it is Aussie!

Mighty Centurions

Swannanoa Cricket – Note: I also wrote the Code of Conduct for this club, however it must be duly noted that the version that appears on the website is not a true depiction of what I originally wrote up thanks to it being “Catholicised’ by Timmy Fulton!

Unfortunately records of my career post Avondale were lost in the Armageddon of ’02, but included a few seasons with Takapuna 1 Day 2’s (where even in my late 20s I was the oldest by years!), and Rep and Senior cricket with Hurunui, North Canterbury and Cheviot. I can tell you, highest score was 36 for Cheviot Seniors, and best bowling is shared between 4 for 4 off 4 against Hawerden (spin) in my first ever game, and 7 for 21 off 7 against Kaikoura (medium LH inswingers).

You will note that I have taken a single stumping – I will leave the telling of this ditty to my mate Mike Batten who was the bowler in this instance.


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