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Vehicle Insurance – NZ reference

In my current role with Vodafone NZ, I use my car to come to work, and if I need to meet customers use my car to do so (I’m lazy and don’t tend to walk). Under my car insurance policy this deems my two cars as Commercials, and thus must be insured as such. I did not know this!!! So, a heads up to anyone out there who is required to use their own car for the purpose of their job, check with your insurer about cover. This must also apply to motorcycles (I used to use my bikes on fine days).

Note, this may also be the case should there be any reference to your work on the car (both my cars have plate surrounds with my contact details on), or if you carry stock or paraphernalia related to your job.

I was lucky as my insurer, AMI, has made the premium cheaper on my Fairlane, and only 50c/mth more on my Commodore. Hopefully I can then increase the tints on both to darker than the allowable 35% on private vehicles.


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