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Bitch Session – Tooble

In theory this should be one of the best things you can have as an iPhone user, and it is…but only when the damned thing works!
I downloaded this over a year ago, and bought the Serial key for Tooble Pro (few more features) but now and again it just spits the dummy and won’t download.
While this is par for the course when it comes to software, it is the non-response from the owners of Tooble who have my money that gets on my wick. This is the second (and most serious) failure I have had with this product, the first time after three emails I still didn’t get a response, and found out by chance it was working. This time three months has elapsed…
I love the product, and recommend it (sort of) but the ongoing issues and lack of acknowledgement is piss-poor.

An alternative that bypasses You Tube is VLC – it was a short lived app on Apple, but it seems rumours Apple were to remove has come to roost. This allows synching of videos in any format with your iPhone. I now have more uploaded via this (which was free) than via Tooble (which cost me about $6USD).


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