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Bitch Session…Hit Man Weed Killer

When me and my wife moved into our new house there was a lot to do to the 2 acres our house sat on. One thing was weed control in the gardens and under the trees around the boundary. I had a Glyphosate compound which I was using and it worked wonders…probably not great to the soil, but the intent was not to have anything grow back anyway.
The wife was after some shower cleaner and on the net came across an NZ company selling Shower Witch and there was a deal going – buy 16l of Hit Man Weed Killer and the 2l Shower Witch was free. Seemed OK and she bought it.
So it came time for me to spray again and I used this Hit Man which was “less toxic than table salt” “and “started working within 30mins”. Big call, but sure enough, it seemed to, weeds were dying before I even got round the property.
Now while I was spraying my backpack sprung a bit of a leak and the mix was going down my back which was actually soothing in the heat, but after about 20mins it began to feel hot, in fact felt like a bad sunburn. When I finished I had a shower and the burning sensation increased with water on it, and within the hour I could barely stand the pain. That night my wife took a photo of my back which was a very bright red as if I had been badly sun burnt. The following night she was shocked to see that my back was peeling!
I went to my local GP who was floored by what he called close to second degree burns and had a nurse treat me as a burns victim with creams and bandages.
The following day I was in the car when this radio ad came on for the Hit Man product, and the use of the phrase “less toxic” incensed me to email the company and explain what had happened to me.
A week later I received a phone call from the boss (and the voice on the ad) and what happened next has been lost in the heat of the moment, but in short he blamed me for the injuries as it was considered “stupid to pour the stuff on yourself” (WTF?!?) and when I challenged his statement on the salt claim, he got somewhat abusive and stood by his claims…I tell you, if I poured table salt on my back it wouldn’t get the reaction his shitty bloody product did! I was also quick to point out that the Glyphosate products did not have the same reaction when I had spilled it on myself. I may have well been chatting to a deaf person.
After about 20mins of back and forth arguing, he offered me a free container of one of his products…Yeah, Right!
As an aside, Hit Man may kill off weeds relatively quickly, but you know what? The damned things grow back within a week!!!! So you’re forever out spraying and spraying and spraying…Roundup? I sprayed twice over a month ago and not a sprout. So there!


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